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The Yoga— Learn yoga in the tradition of Vanda Scaravelli and from the teachings of Diane Long

Teacher: Brooke Welsh
Time: 12 – 2 pm 
Date: Saturday, May 11th
Workshop cost: $55 

New! Brooke is offering private & small group lessons afterwards from 2:30-4:30 pm
Sign up for 1-hr $90, 30-min. $50, or if you have a small group contact us

Brooke’s workshop focuses on unlearning old habits and patterns of movement through which the spine becomes more alive. You will discover the possibility of a new relationship deep within your body. This gentle approach to yoga cultivates qualities of awareness and attention, coupled with a sense of curiosity and play in the poses. You will learn how to explore movement as a process of undoing tension, and to create space in the body inviting new movement and life in and through the spine. Unlike a traditional yoga class, this way of working focuses on a deeper discovery of how the body is capable of moving. You will experience a different strength, greater freedom and more ease in your body. The class is personalized and hands-on.

This is a wonderful workshop for everyone. It is for those who teach yoga, have a regular practice or are new to yoga. This way of working assists in cultivating a fresh approach to your teaching and/or personal practice.

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