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our instructors


Maria van der Meij

When I first practiced yoga over 40 years ago it helped to relieve pain in my body and I became more calm and peaceful. I wanted to share my revelation with others and began to teach yoga in a traditional way. Over time the flow of life moved me spiritually so that Jesus became my central focus. Gently flowing movement has given me a way to flow with God’s spirit to help others.

Maria studied at Temple University Dance Department 1974-76 and in the Netherlands from 1983-1989. She opened the studio in 1998.


Brooke Welsh

Brooke began practicing yoga in 1998 and has been teaching for nearly as long. Hatha yoga quickly became a doorway leading to Brooke’s discovery of mind/body healing modalities and spiritual practices. She is inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, and Diane Long who was Vanda’s main student for 23 years in Florence, Italy. Vanda spent over 40 years discovering and uncovering layers of aliveness and vitality in her body through the cultivation of her awareness and her willingness to be a beginner each time she came to her yoga.

Diane, a dynamic and inspiring teacher, has continued the discovery and refinement of this practice for over 45 years teaching worldwide. In 2000 Brooke met Diane on one of her first visits to Philadelphia and has continually studied with her ever since. The cultivation and refinement of Brooke’s studies and practices have become as much of a journey for Brooke as her life itself. It is from this place that Brooke extends her offerings and teachings.