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class passes (valid 6 months & sharable)

single class: $15
5-class pass: $65
10-class pass: $120
20-class pass: $200

hatha yoga

A slower paced class suitable for mixed levels. It combines both steady holds and gently flowing poses to provide total body care and rebalance the body.  Special attention is centered on improving healthy movement,  posture alignment and mindful breathing. Afterwards you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and peaceful!


gentle body restore 50+

A balanced practice that primarily focuses on improving the body’s range of motion. Through strengthening and stretching exercises, and mindful breathing, connective tissue becomes stimulated and regenerated – encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal. The gentle, restorative focus of this practice greatly benefits cancer survivors suffering from heavy fatigue, pain or inflammation – as well as those seeking a healing and preventative approach to injury. A great class for those 50 years or older, or anyone who would like to experience a gentle restorative class.


yoga barre

Combines restorative floor poses followed by yoga stretches with the support of the ballet barre to provide a wonderful workout targeting core muscles, glutes and thighs. The barre offers stability and balance while deep breathing and stretching take you deeper into each posture with great form. Improve body extension, flexibility and foot and ankle strength with this fun experience!


therapeutic movement

Therapeutic Movement is a combination of physical therapy exercises, gentle yoga-like positions, and self-care fitness. You will be guided by a Physical Therapist offering a variety of therapeutic tools and supports to enhance your experience. The themed lesson plans cover proper breathing techniques, postural support, mobility and stability work and plenty of light-hearted and relaxing exercises. Studentsare encouraged to move and rest in a safe manner to maximize comfort and function. It is like a massage, a physical therapy treatment, and relaxation session all in one.